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    Psychology & Human Behavior Resources
    K-12 Level

    Psychology Resources

    Sigmund Freud
    Psychologists and Psychiatrists

    Psychology for Kids
    Psychology Games and Activities for Kids
    What Is Child Psychology?
    Child Psychology and Mental Health
    Information Source for Special Needs - The Child Psychologist
    Positive Psychology Halved Depression in Kids
    Can food affect children's behaviour?
    Child Behavior Disorders

    Psychology Humor
    Psychology Jokes and Sigmund Freud - Jokes and Science

    Psychology Games and Quizzes
    Psychology Games Online
    Psychology Tests and Surveys
    Introduction to Psychology Game
    Psychology Quizzes - Personality and Academic Quizzes
    Color Psychology Quiz

    Psychology Tests
    Psychometric Tests - AssessmentDay
    Test Yourself - Psychology Today
    The Big Five Personality Test
    Personality Type Questionnaire
    IQ Test
    Psychological testing - Wikipedia

    Psychology for Teachers
    Teaching Resources in Psychology
    American Psychological Society - Teaching Resources
    Psychology Teaching Tips - Association for Psychological Science
    Social Psychology Teaching Resources
    Teaching Tips - Association for Psychological Science
    Why Teach About the Holocaust and Human Behavior?

    Frequently Asked Questions about Positive Psychology
    The Evolutionary Psychology FAQ
    Frequently asked questions about psychology and psychologists
    Human Behavior FAQ

    Glossaries and Dictionaries
    Psychology Glossary in Plain English.
    Glossary of Psychological Terms
    Psychology Dictionary & Glossary for students

    History of Psychology (387 BC to Present)
    Timeline of psychology - Wikipedia
    The History of Psychology
    Timeline of Modern Psychology

    Psychology Museum - Psychology Museum - The University of Sydney
    Psychology: Mind Your Head - Science Museum London

    List of psychologists on postage stamps
    Philately and psychology

    General Psychology Resources
    Simply Psychology - Saul Mcleod
    Psychology - Wikipedia
    TIME 100: Sigmund Freud
    Encyclopedia of Psychology
    American Psychological Association
    Sigmund Freud - Life and Work
    Sigmund Freud - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Sigmund Freud - C. George Boeree
    Sigmund Freud Archives

    Science Fair Projects
    Psychology & Human Behavior Science Fair Projects and Experiments

    Psychology K-12 Experiments, Tests & Background Information

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