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  • Acids & Bases
  • Air
  • Animals
  • Bacteria
  • Bioinformatics
  • Caffeine
  • Carbon
  • Cell Phones
  • Christian
  • Colors
  • DNA
  • E. Coli
  • Energy
  • Evolution
  • Fire
  • Flowers
  • Gases
  • Going Green!
  • Gold & Silver
  • Google Projects
  • Gravitation
  • Hydrogen
  • Ice
  • Infrared Radiation
  • Intelligence
  • Lasers
  • Magnets
  • Mass & Matter
  • Memory
  • Metals
  • Music
  • Nanotechnology
  • Oxygen
  • Pesticides
  • Plants
  • Salt & Sugar
  • Smoking
  • Soil
  • Sound
  • Spanish
  • Sports
  • Sun & Light
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Transportation
  • Ultraviolet Light
  • Water
  • Waves
  • Weather

  • The Orchid Grower - A Juvenile Forensic Science Adventure Novel

    The Orchid Grower
    A Juvenile Science Adventure Novel about Orchids and Genetic Engineering
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    Dust allergy and asthma [E]
    Air Pollution Impacts on Asthma Patients [P]
    The Pulmonary Effects of Ozone-generating Air Purifiers and Other Household Devices [E]
    Determine if poor air quality during a week of extensive wildfires negatively affected children's lungs according to tests using peak flow meters. [E]
    Aerosols and air quality effects on the rates of asthma [P]
    The Effects of Air Temperature Variance on Memory Ability [P]
    Musicians and lung capacity [E] [E] [P]
    Lung capacity: is there a difference in athletes and non-athletes? [E] [E]
    Cigarette filters: do they really work? [E] [E] [E] [E] [E] [E]
    Will non-smokers have a greater lung capacity than smokers? [E] [E]
    Does It Matter How Much Air Is in Your Basketball? [E]
    Find whether air resistance affects the trajectory of a tennis ball. [E]
    Will the increasing of the distance between the center of gravity (CG) and the center of wind pressure (CP) increase the rocket's stability and performance of flight [E]
    How Does Changing the Air Pressure of an Air Gun Affect the Average Speed of the Pellet? [E]
    Find out how variables such as the shape and angle of a roof affect the house's lift in high winds. [E]
    Test how the type of a windbreak (shelterbelt) affects wind flow. [E]
    Find out if polyester or nylon is stronger for the construction of hot air balloons [P]
    The Effect of Wind Speed, Air Humidity, and Air Temperature on Evaporation Rate of Water [P]
    The Discovery of Oxygen [E]
    Measure air pressure by using chemicals in bottles [P]
    What is air like? [E]
    Do air and light affect decomposition? [P]
    Earth Sciences
    How Does the Air Pressure Affect a Hurricane? [E]
    Is the air the same temperature in the sun and in the shade? [E]
    Measure the percentage of oxygen in air samples. [E]
    Use weather balloon sounding data to investigate how air temperature and pressure vary with altitude. [E]
    Build and use a psychrometer, a simple instrument for measuring the relative humidity of the air. [E]
    Determine how variations of humidity, temperature, air pressure and nucleation conditions affect cloud formation. [E]
    Food Sciences
    The effect of temperature and air exposure on the ascorbic acid content of orange juice [P]
    Electricity & Magnetism
    Using the Thermal Mass of a Building to Lighten the Load of an Air Conditioner [E]
    Discover how electromagnetic radiation flows through open air, empty vacuum, helium and argon. [E]
    Suspend a magnet in mid-air. [E]
    Does electricity pass through air, water, metal or plastic? [P]
    Determine whether magnets could increase the momentum of rolling ball bearings in order to launch one uphill and several inches through the air. [E]
    P=Project   E=Experiment   C=Circuit
    Sharing Spectrum the Smart Way: Cognitive Radio for Relieving Overcrowding on the Airwaves [E]
    Build an air flow detector. [E]
    Determine what type of nozzles have the least amount of drift on average (flat fan, Turbo TeeJet, air induction). [P]
    Aviation & Engineering
    Determining the Optimum Air Pressure for a Soccer Ball [E]
    Test if air pressure will affect the dynamics of ball bouncing. [E]
    Aviation & Aerodynamics
    Renewable Energy
    Can households effectively turn organic waste into usable energy using anaerobic digestion? [P]
    Air drying laundry [P]
    Build a simple solar air heater and heat the a room. [E]
    Test different type insulation that could be found in anybody’s house: batts and blankets, Styrofoam and dead air insulation. [P]
    Construct and explain the operation of a solar air heater. [E] [E]
    Wind Energy
    Behavioral Sciences / Psychology
    Does aerobic exercise improve cognitive function? [P] [P]
    Air (Physics)
    Environmental Sciences
    Air Pollution
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