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    Astrological Signs of the Zodiac
    Resources and Background Information
    For Science Fair Projects, Lesson Plans and Class Activities
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    Astrological Signs and Zodiac Resources


      Astrological signs represent the diagrams of twelve equal segments of the zodiac (the imaginary area in the sky in which the sun, moon and stars appear to lie) - each 30 degrees long. According to astrology, the twelve signs represent twelve basic personality types and can influence our lives. The signs depend on birth date.

      Western Sign Element Dates Indian Sign Element Chinese Sign Trine
      Aries Fire 21 March - 20 April Mesha Tejas (fire) Dragon (5) 1st
      Taurus Earth 21 April - 21 May Vrishabha Prithivi (earth) Snake (6) 2nd
      Gemini Air 22 May - 23 June Mithuna Vayu (air) Horse (7) 3rd
      Cancer Water 23 June - 23 July Karka Jala (water) Sheep (8) 4th
      Leo Fire 24 July - 23 August Simha Tejas (fire) Monkey (9) 1st
      Virgo Earth 24 August - 23 September Kanya Prithivi (earth) Rooster (10) 2nd
      Libra Air 24 September - 22 October Tula Vayu (air) Dog (11) 3rd
      Scorpio Water 23 October - 22 November Vrishchika Jala (water) Pig (12) 4th
      Sagittarius Fire 23 November - 22 December Dhanus Tejas (fire) Rat (1) 1st
      Capricorn Earth 23 December - 20 January Makara Prithivi (earth) Ox (2) 2nd
      Aquarius Air 21 January - 19 February Kumbha Vayu (air) Tiger (3) 3rd
      Pisces Water 20 February - 20 March Meena Jala (water) Rabbit (4) 4th

      Background Information

    • Astrological sign - Wikipedia [View Resource]
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      K-12 Experiments, Lesson Plans and Science Fair Projects

    • Test the accuracy of horoscopes [View Resource]
    • What's your sign? The science behind the zodiac [View Resource]
    • Lesson Plan: What’s Your Sign? [View Resource]
    • Astrology: Fact or Fiction? for 9th-12th grades [View Resource]
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    • Zodiac Animal Characteristics; Facts and Stories about the Chinese Zodiac; Zodiac Sign Worksheet [View Resource]
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      College Experiments, Science Fair Projects, Lesson Plans, Studies and Articles

    • Testing multiple statistical hypotheses resulted in spurious associations: a study of astrological signs and health [View Resource]
    • Astrology: its influence on consumers' buying patterns and consumers' evaluations of products and services [View Resource]
    • Who believes in astrology? Effect of favorableness of astrologically derived personality descriptions on acceptance of astrology [View Resource]
    • Popular horoscopes and the Barnum effect [View Resource]
    • The four temperaments and astrology [View Resource]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Astrology's Relevance as a Modern Day Spiritual Counseling Tool [View Thesis]
    • Snakes, Goddesses, and Anthills: Modern Challenges and Women’s Ritual Responses in Contemporary South India [View Thesis]
    • A prolegomena for the Thai context: A Starting Point for Thai Theology [View Thesis]

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