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    Atkins Diet
    Experiments and Background Information
    For Science Fair Projects, Labs, Lesson Plans and Class Activities
    For Middle School, High School and College Students and Teachers

    Atkins Diet Experiments and Resources


      The Atkins Diet is a well known high-protein, high-fat and low-carbohydrate weight-loss diet.

      Background Information

    • Atkins diet - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • Robert Atkins: Life and Work [View Resource]
    • What Is the Atkins Diet? [View Resource]
    • Atkins Diet Information [View Resource]
    • Atkins Diet Plan And Info: Learn how the Atkins diet works, includes Atkins Diet menu, phase, menu low carb food list and Atkins recipes. [View Resource]
    • Ketogenic diet [View Resource]
    • Medical research related to low-carbohydrate diets [View Resource]
    • Atkins Exposed [View Resource]

      K-12 Experiments, Lesson Plans and Science Fair Projects

    • Testing the Atkins diet and a Standard Food Pyramid diet on white feeder mice to see weight and behavior changes [View Experiment]
    • Dieting Science Fair Projects and Experiments [View Experiment]
    • The effect of high protein diets on cell growth [View Experiment]
    • Diet Wars - PBS [View Experiment]

      College Experiments, Science Fair Projects, Lesson Plans, Studies and Articles

    • Low Carbohydrate Diets [View Experiment]
    • Design an experiment to compare the weight loss achieved on the Atkins diet with the weight loss achieved while on a normal diet based on the USDA food pyramid. [View Experiment]
    • Determine the effectiveness of the Atkins diet. [View Experiment]
    • Atkins diet statistics [View Experiment]
    • Clinical Aspects of the Ketogenic Diet [View Experiment]
    • Use of a Modified Atkins Diet in Intractable Childhood Epilepsy [View Experiment]
    • Comparison of a Very Low-Carbohydrate and Low-Fat Diet on Fasting Lipids, LDL Subclasses, Insulin Resistance, and Postprandial Lipemic Responses in Overweight Women [View Experiment]
    • Was Dr Atkins Right? [View Experiment]
    • The Antidepressant Properties of the Ketogenic Diet [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Nutrient Adequacy of Low versus High Carbohydrate Diets for Older Adults [View Thesis]
    • The Influence of Macronutrient Intake on Sleep [View Thesis]

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