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    Change Blindness, Inattentional Blindness and Choice Blindness
    Experiments, Studies and Background Information
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    Experiments and Studies


      Change blindness occurs when a person fails to detect large changes in his vision field.

      Inattentional blindness occurs when a person fails to see things that are actually there.

      Choice blindness occurs when a person fails to remember obvious mismatches between objects and related traits.


    • Change Blindness Demonstration [View Demonstration]
    • Change Blindness Demonstration [View Demonstration]
    • Inattentional Blindness - See the Gorilla! [View Demonstration]

      Background Information

    • Change blindness [View Resource]
    • Inattentional blindness [View Resource]
    • Choice Blindness [View Resource]
    • Choice blindness [View Resource]

      Experiments, Studies and Articles

    • Inattentional Blindness: Can auditory distractor make a difference? [View Experiment]
    • Visual Sensing Without Seeing [View Experiment]
    • Volatile visual representations: Failing to detect changes in recently processed information [View Experiment]
    • Failure to detect changes to attended objects in motion pictures [View Experiment]
    • The Need for Attention to Perceive Changes in Scenes [View Experiment]
    • Gorillas in our midst: sustained inattentional blindness for dynamic events [View Experiment]
    • From Change Blindness to Choice Blindness [View Experiment]
    • Magic and the Brain: Magicians have been testing and exploiting the limits of cognition and attention for hundreds of years [View Experiment]
    • Subcortical Modulation of Attention Counters Change Blindness [View Experiment]
    • Choice Blindness Experiment Sheds More Light On Decision Making Processes [View Experiment]
    • Inattentional blindness [View Experiment]
    • When Good Observers Go Bad: Change Blindness, Inattentional Blindness, and Visual Experience [View Experiment]
    • Change blindness [View Experiment]
    • The effects of eye movements, spatial attention, and stimulus features on inattentional blindness [View Experiment]
    • Inattentional blindness and augmented-vision displays: Effects of cartoon-like filtering and attended scene [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Visual enhancement of animated time series to reduce change blindness [View Thesis]
    • Flying Under the Radar:Studying Inattentional Blindness in a Dynamic Task [View Thesis]
    • Implicit and explicit capture of attention: what it takes to be noticed [View Thesis]
    • Differences in flicker paradigm response times: Change blindness in snake phobics [View Thesis]
    • Visual Attention Framework: Application to Event Analysis [View Thesis]

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