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    Fear of Bats (Chiroptophobia)
    Studies and Background Information
    For Science Fair Projects, Lesson Plans and Class Activities
    For Middle School, High School and College Students and Teachers

    Fear of Bats Resources


      Fear of bats (chiroptophobia) refers to clinical fear of bats stemming from misinformation and negative past experience.

      Resources and Studies

    • Fear of Bats, aka Chiroptophobia [View Resource]
    • Fear of bats - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • Bats - Wonder Flying Machines [View Resource]
    • Bat Rabies and Other Lyssavirus Infections - USGS [View Resource]
    • Colins Fear of Bats Undisclosed Location (video) [View Resource]
    • The Ultimate Self-Hypnosis Cure for the Fear of Bats (Chiroptophobia) [View Resource]
    • Vampires Are Still Alive: Slovakian Students’Attitudes toward Bats [View Experiment]
    • “Disgusting” Animals: Primary School Children’s Attitudes and Myths of Bats and Spiders [View Experiment]
    • Cave-dwelling bats do not avoid TMT and 2-PT – components of predator odour that induce fear in other small mammals [View Experiment]
    • Using Humor in Systematic Desensitization to Reduce Fear [View Experiment]

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