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    Sexism Experiments and Studies


      Sexism is discrimination or hatred of people based on their sex or gender and not on their individual merits. Sexism is stemming mainly from prejudice and stereotypes.

      Background Information

    • Sexism - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • Occupational sexism [View Resource]
    • Gender pay gap [View Resource]
    • Glass ceiling [View Resource]
    • Violence against women [View Resource]
    • Transphobia [View Resource]
    • Sexual harassment [View Resource]

      K-12 Lesson Plans and Articles

    • Scandinavian split on sexist ads [View Experiment]
    • Racism and Sexism - Lesson Plan [View Experiment]
    • Sexism: From Identification to Activism - Lesson Plan [View Experiment]
    • Introduction to Sexism - Lesson Plan [View Experiment]
    • Avoiding Sexist Language by Using Gender-Fair Pronouns - Lesson Plan [View Experiment]
    • Introduction to Sexism - Lesson Plan [View Experiment]
    • Single-sex schools: A good idea gone wrong? [View Experiment]
    • Language, Gender and Sexism in English [View Experiment]

      College Experiments, Studies and Articles

    • The effect of language structure on people’s sexist attitudes [View Experiment]
    • Nepotism and sexism in peer-review [View Experiment]
    • Sexism and Sexuality in Advertising [View Experiment]
    • Homophobia: A Weapon of Sexism [View Experiment]
    • Gender stereotypes and the career choice process: Implications for graduate education in computer science [View Experiment]
    • Constraints into Preferences: Gender, Status, and Emerging Career Aspirations [View Experiment]
    • The Price of Prejudice: Labour Market Discrimination on the Grounds of Gender and Ethnicity [View Experiment]
    • Decomposing the Gender Pay Gap in the Australian Managerial Labour Market [View Experiment]
    • Self-Subjugation Among Women: Exposure to Sexist Ideology, Self-Objectification, and the Protective Function of the Need to Avoid Closure [View Experiment]
    • Exposure to Benevolent Sexism and Complementary Gender Stereotypes: Consequences for Specific and Diffuse Forms of System Justification [View Experiment]
    • Implicit Gender Stereotyping in Judgments of Fame [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • The role of context in the interpretation of sexist humor [View Thesis]
    • Embodying Disney Dreams: the Representation of Femininity and Whiteness in Recent Disney Animated Films [View Thesis]
    • How Openness to Experience and Prejudicial Attitudes Shape Diversity Training Outcomes [View Thesis]

      See also

    • Gender Income Disparity and Wage Gap [View Resource]

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