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    Subliminal Messages
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    Subliminal Message Experiments and Studies


      A subliminal message is a hidden message embedded into a piece of media like television or radio commercials, movies, printed material, music, etc. These messages, are not easily recognized for what they are but in certain situations can affect the subconscious and as a result also actions or attitudes.

      Background Information

    • Subliminal stimuli [View Resource]
    • Subliminal Images and Hidden Messages Samples [View Resource]
    • 25 logos with hidden messages – Amazing Graphic Designing tricks! [View Resource]
    • The Subliminal Scares [View Resource]
    • The History of Subliminal Messages [View Resource]

      K-12 Experiments, Lesson Plans and Science Fair Projects

    • Test the hypothesis that a subliminal message would not be successfully entered into the conscious mind of a viewer unless the viewer had access to the image from past experiences - Science Fair Project [View Experiment]
    • See if subjects could be educated through subliminal messages embedded in an enjoyable video - Science Fair Project [View Experiment]
    • See if subliminal messages are successful, and if so, are they more effective with girls or boys?" - Science Fair Project [View Experiment]
    • Subliminal Messages in Advertising - Class Activity [View Experiment]
    • Finding hidden messages in advertising - Lesson Plan [View Experiment]
    • Subliminal advertising [View Experiment]
    • Subliminal messages in advertisement, movie making and cartoons [View Experiment]
    • The Roots of Subliminal Perception [View Experiment]
    • Subliminal Messages Alive and Well [View Experiment]

      College Experiments, Studies and Articles

    • Subliminal Messages Between the Devil and the Media [View Experiment]
    • The concept of subliminal messages in Brand design [View Experiment]
    • Is there an effect of subliminal messages in music on choice behavior? [View Experiment]
    • Hidden Sexual Messages Found In Disney Movies [View Experiment]
    • See if subliminal messages are successful [View Experiment]
    • Investigate the mechanics of hidden (subliminal) stimuli and how they pass stealthily though the doors of perception [View Experiment]
    • Subliminal Messages Research and Experiment [View Experiment]
    • Deprivation of Liberty by Subliminal Means [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Invisible Commercials and Hidden Persuaders: James M. Vicary and the Subliminal Advertising Controversy of 1957 [View Thesis]
    • Subliminal messages in films and their potential effects on ESP [View Thesis]

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