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Primary School - Grades K-3
P=Project   E=Experiment
How does acid rain affect plants? [P]
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
A convolutional neural network based approach to plant disease diagnosis [P]
Avocado "Root Rot": A Novel Approach to Combatting Phytophthora cinnamomi [E]
Can Garlic Prevent Crown Gall? [E]
What Is the Long Term Effect of Electricity and Metal on Plant Tumors? [E]
Find an effective at-home, eco-friendly method for the control of the glassy-winged sharpshooter, a vector for Pierce's disease. [E]
Plant Cancer: Can It Be Treated? [E]
See if you can transfer Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV) disease to other plant species. [E]
Garlic (Allium sativum) vs. Agrobacterium tumefaciens [E]
Determine whether beta carotene helps prevent the growth of cancer in plants. [E] [E]
Utilize sterile techniques to isolate and identify plant pathogens. [E]
See if a garlic extract can prevent Crown Gall in rose and tomato plants. [E] [E] [E]
Determine which tree species at different elevations in the San Jacinto Mountains are most affected by bark beetles. [E]
The Distribution of Xylella fastidiosa (Pierce's Disease) Through a Grapevine [E]
The effect of various treatments on the mold growth of red d'Anjou pears [P]
Pea disease of central Washington [P]
Will stemrot disease lower the pH level of plants? [P]

Are there differences in leaf pigments and starch content of healthy and dying leaves? [E]
What kind of grass resists erosion better? [P]
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Drought Impact on Soilborne Fungal Pathogen of Tomato [E]
Characterization and Utility of Resistance Sources against Resistance-Breaking Rhizomania in Sugar Beet [E]
Serological Detection of Bacteria Associated with Citrus Greening Disease [E]
Novel Proteinaceous Compounds as Determinants in Ascochyta rabiei (a fungal plant pathogen) - Chickpea Interaction [P]
Variation in Growth and Spore Production in the Fungal Pathogen Alternaria brassicicola [E]
Native Fusarium and Cotton in Australia (fungal plant pathogen). [E]
Evaluation of inoculation methods to determine disease response of cultivated and native cultivars to Fusarium oxysorum f. sp. Vasinfectum (fungal plant pathogen). [E]
The Effects of TMV on Pinto Bean Plants after the Initial Innoculation of a Weaker Strain [E]
How does Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) isolated from commercially purchased cigarettes infect a variety of common garden plants? [E]
Cucurbit Disorders - A guide to the identification of common problems [E]
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