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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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Middle School - Grades 7-9
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The effects of increased nutrient levels on the growth of oil-eating microbes and the corresponding changes in the rate of oil biodegradation. [E]
Determine which antique water purification method would decrease the level of bacteria the most - Western method of boiling polluted water, African method of adding moringa olefeira seeds, German technique of adding iodine, or the Japanese mode of inserting scallop shells into polluted water. [E]
Pool vs. Jacuzzi: A Study of Bacteria Levels in Water [E]
An Analysis of Sand Bacteria as a Possible Source of Ocean Contamination. [E]
Improving Gas Yield of Hydrogen-Producing Bacteria [E]
Determine what aquatic environment freshwater or saltwater has the highest amount of weight lost with the use of oil-hungry bacteria as a result of oil degradation over a 5-day period. [E]
Will pollutants decrease the amount of light bioluminescent bacteria produce? [E]
Get hydrogen from organic waste and anaerobic bacteria as a clean energy source. [E]
Compared warm temperatures (Gulf of Mexico) to freezing temperatures (Gulf of Alaska), trying to find which environment has the highest amount of oil loss with the use of oil-hungry bacteria that is a result of the degradation of the oil over a 6-day period. [E]
Compare the bactericidal effects of chlorine versus iodine disinfectants on the recycled wastewater. [E]
E. coli / Coliforms Science Fair Projects & Experiments
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Interdisciplinary Topic: Bacteria
High School - Grades 10-12
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Investigate bacteria found on oil spots by examining the effect of the presence of motor oil on the microbes and eventually determine if they possess bioremediation capability. [E]
Identify which, if any, inorganic nutrient can be added to the environment of naturally occurring petrophilic (oil-degrading) microbes (namely a fungal strain, Penicillium; and a bacterial strain, Pseudomonas) in order to induce an increase in the rate at which oil spills in the ocean can be efficiently cleaned up. [E]
Effects of Atmospheric CO(2) on the Nitrogen Production Capabilities of Trichodesmium [E]
Determine whether acid rain deters the antibacterial component of garlic. [E]
Does global warming affect bacterial bleaching of coral? [E]
Changes in Densities of Fecal Indicator Bacteria (FIB) over Differing Tidal Flows in the Ballona Wetlands, Los Angeles [E]
Determine whether acid rain deters the antibacterial component of garlic. [E]
Determine if Pseudomonas putida bacteria can enhance the natural phytoremediation of oil-hydrocarbon contaminated soil by increasing the microbial population in the rhizosphere. [E] [E]
Cleaning Water of Bacteria Via Silver [E]
Operational Effects of Altered Abiotic Factors on Nitrifying Bacteria [E]
Determine if treating wastewater with ultraviolet light will increase bacterial resistance to ultraviolet light in the effluent by triggering constitutive production of DNA repair enzymes. [E]
E. coli / Coliforms Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Bioremediation Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Interdisciplinary Topic: Bacteria
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