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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
P=Project   E=Experiment
Which microorganism works best in bioremediation, bacteria or mold? [E]
A new, clean, biological way of extracting copper from ore (biolixiviation). [P]
What is bioremediation?
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
Using microorganisms (green algae) to bioremediate a source of waste water. [P] [P]
Bioremediation Impacts on Water Quality: Effects on Urban Runoff [E]
Determine the contribution of water hyacinths in nutrient purification and find the rate at which they reduce ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH) levels in water. [E]
Which plant (Euphorbia, Blue Fescue, Umbrella Plant, or Kale) would decontaminate the most amount of zinc contamination from the soil [E]
A Comparison of Two Potential Lead Bioremediating Plants [E]
Bioremediation of Greenhouse Gasses with Algae [E]
The Effect of Eisenia fetida (Compost Worm) in Enhancing the Bioremediation of Oil-Contaminated Soil [E] [E]
Investigate the factors affecting the process of bioremediation in an oil-contaminated water medium. [E]
Remove pesticides from farm run off water with plants and air. [E]
Using Plants to Remove Pesticides from Storm Water Run-Off [E]
Will oil-hungry bacteria clean up better the most oil spill in freshwater or salt water? [E]
Test if mustard plants could be used for phytoremediation of Zinc. [E] [E]
What is bioremediation?
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Testing EA (enzyme additive) Bioremediation for Treatment of Sumps, Percolation Ponds, and Produced Water Intended for Agriculture [E]
Microbial Bioremediation of Oil Sands Tailings [P]
Can mycelium be used as a viable means of remediation of both tailings water and mature fine tailings? [P]
Test the hypothesis that if the concentration of naphthenic acid in water is increased, the Acorus americanus (rat root) will be stimulated. [P]
The Abilities of Water Weeds in Removing Heavy Metal Ions [P]
Mycorrhizal inoculated soybean plants as a means of phytoremediation in the Alberta Oil sands. [P] [P]
Investigate bacteria found on oil spots by examining the effect of the presence of motor oil on the microbes and eventually determine if they possess bioremediation capability. [E]
Phytoremediation: Clean Up of Contaminated Soil Containing Selenium Using the Hyperaccumlator Plant, Brassica juncea [E]
Optimum Sodium Phosphate Concentration for Oil Bioremediation [E]
Which street trees (palm, pine, and oak) are most effective in removing atmospherical carbon dioxide and pollutant ozone. [E]

The Ability of Baccharis salicifolia (mule-fat) to Absorb Cadmium as an Effluent: Implications for Phytoremediation [E]
Determine if the Jade plant and the Chrysanthemum are efficient means of filtering the chemical Benzene from an enclosed, controlled environment under constrained environmental lighting conditions. [E]
Investigate the possible success of mulefat in large-scale phytoremediation projects. [E]
Determine the viability of 'green cleaning' using rhizofiltration by looking at the efficiency of an aquatic plant such as elodea canadensis in the removal of copper from polluted effluents across a broad range of contamination levels. [E]
Effects of zinc on the Indian Mustard Seed (Brassica juncea) and how good of a hyper-accumulator of zinc this plant species is. [P]
Determine if Pseudomonas putida bacteria can enhance the natural phytoremediation of oil-hydrocarbon contaminated soil by increasing the microbial population in the rhizosphere. [E] [E]
Develop a test tube model of an oil spill in order to experiment with conditions needed for bioremediation. [E]
How nature eliminates crude oil that has been spilled? [E]
Find out if lead in soil could be phytoremediated using black mustard. [E] [E]
A recipe for oil spill bioremediation [P]
Bioremediation vs. natural degradation [P]
Directed evolution of alkane degrading enzymes for improved activity on natural and high molecular weight substrates. [P]
What is bioremediation?
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