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Primary School - Grades K-3
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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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Marine Debris effects on marine life, ships, and humans [E]
What is the Effect of Pollutants on Brine Shrimp? [P]
The Effect of Motor Oil on the Survival Rate of Brine Shrimp [P]
Investigate what a cruise ship pollution is doing to our world and how it affects us. [P] [P]
Water Pollution Science Fair Projects & Experiments
What is Water Pollution?
Middle School - Grades 7-9
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Is there anything we can add to environmentally safe boat hull paint to make it as effective as anti-fouling copper based boat hull paint, and keep it nontoxic to the marine environment? [E]
Restoring balance to our marine habitats by oyster shell recycling [E]
Do Your Storm Drains Keep the Ocean Trash Free? [E]
The Effect of pH on Calcifying Ocean Water Organisms [E] [E]
Nitrogen and Algal Blooms [E]
Do Wetlands Effectively Remove Nitrates from San Diego Creek Water Before Discharging into the Ocean? [E]
An Analysis of Sand Bacteria as a Possible Source of Ocean Contamination. [E]
Measure dissolved oxygen in water samples at different temperatures, and determine the saturating oxygen concentration for water samples at different temperatures. [E]
The Effect of Various Toxic Materials on Brine Shrimp Well Being [E]
Pollution Levels of the Central and South Puget Sound [P]
The Effect of Pollutants on Brine Shrimp [P]
Find out if different concentrations of stormwater runoff pollutants affect brine shrimp and algae differently. [E]
Ocean Acidification and Its Anticipated Effects on Calcifying Marine Species [E]
Water Pollution Science Fair Projects & Experiments
What is Water Pollution?
High School - Grades 10-12
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The Potential Impact of Hyperion Treatment Plant's Effluent on the Coastal Environment [E]
Analyzing a Method to Measure the Health and Stability of the Salt Marsh by Various Biotic and Abiotic Factors [E]
Test whether it is best to divert in the spring or in the fall a treatment plant's effluent to minimize the potentially negative effects of harmful phytoplankton growth [E]
Effect of Toothpaste-derived Fluoridation on Sea Urchin Fertilization and Development [E]
The Effect of Ocean Acidification on algae [E]
Studying the E.coli and Coliform Count in Mission Bay and How It Affects Rowers [E]
The Effects of Environmental Nitrite Levels on the Reproductive Success of Purple Sea Urchins [E]
The Effects of Anthropogenic Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Increase on the pH of Earth's Oceans [E]
Reducing pollution in the ocean by using real-time surrogate measures to predict BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) levels in fruit-processing wastewater. [E]
Reduction of Bioluminescence in Cypridina hilgendorfii (a marine shrimp) by Varying Phosphate Concentrations [E]
Effect of Antifouling Paint on the Fertilization Rate of Strongylocentrotus purpuratus [E]
Determine whether temperature affects the salinity and pH level of ocean water. [E]
Determine how California Mussels affect nitrate and phosphate concentrations in ocean water. [E]
The Chemical Adaptations of Marine Algae in Stressed Environments [E]
Test the affects of increased phytoplankton growth due to iron fertilization on the amount of dissolved oxygen below the water surface of an ocean environment. [E]
The effects of common drugs on marine phytoplankton [P]
Determine the extent of the damage that pollutants do to brine shrimp eggs. [E]
Water Pollution Science Fair Projects & Experiments
What is Water Pollution?
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