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Primary School - Grades K-3
P=Project   E=Experiment
Why Do Greens Turn Brown? [E]
Examine the browning of guacamole (a dish of mashed avocado). [E]
Elementary School - Grades 4-6
P=Project   E=Experiment
Which condition has a greater affect on the ripening of bananas? [P] [P]
Measure How Much Water is Absorbed by Dried Beans [E]
Which crops are found most often in processed foods. [E]
Determine if absorbent materials could help preserve produce. [E]
Determine which type of container will keep a banana freshest the longest. [E]
How Does Packaging Affect the Ripening of Fruit? [E]
The Effectiveness of Various Preservatives on the Color of Applesauce [P]
The effects of pH level on apple juice fermentation [P]
The effect of maturity level on malic acid, brix, and starch levels in various apples [P]
Determining the Crunchability, Floatability, and Stability of Breakfast Cereals [E]
Find out which brands of cereal taste best to children and whether those brands are the most nutritious. [E]
Measure pH level of different fruits [P]

Study the ripening process of peaches in different container materials to determine which environment caused the sugar production rate to rise the most. [E]
Determine if the ripening of a banana is effected by the environment. [E]
Find out which edible substance cools the heat of an ingested jalapeno pepper the fastest. [E]
How much water is in an orange? [E]
Which fruits, citrus or non-citrus will contain the most water or liquid? [P]
Where do apples store the best? [P]
The optimal conditions for fruit ripening [E]
Which amount of carbon will best decolorize apple juice? [P]
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
Are Red Apples Sweeter Than Green Apples? [E]
Identify useful attributes for choosing the sweetest grapes in the store without tasting. [E]
Compare the quality of organic strawberries vs. conventionally farmed strawberries using a refractometer to measure the density of nutrients within the juice of the strawberry. [P] [P]
The Effects of Pesticide Residues on Brine Shrimp Mortality [E]
Determine how cooking time affects the ability of the natural pectin in cranberry sauce to form a solid gelatin. [E]
The Effects of Acids and Bases on Cooking Potatoes [E]
Does Lutein Content Vary Significantly in Domestic vs. Imported Avocados? [E]
Determine what preservatives keep fruit from turning brown the longest. [E]
Effects of pH on the Browning of Cut Apples [E]
Find at what exact temperature will a pineapple denaturize by exposing it to heat so that it will not affect the setting of Jell-O. [E]
Examining the Cleaning Effects of Practical Household Solutions on Produce [E]
The Effect of Cinnamon on E. coli Growth [E]
The ability of differing containers to maintain the freshness of produce, possibly due to the container's ability to diffuse ethylene gas. [E]
Determine what combination of Pectinase and Cellulase (Enzymes) will produce more apple juice in my experiment. [E]

Determine whether chili peppers have high acidity to cause indigestion. [E]
Which fruit has a greater rate of dehydration? [P]
Which apple type changes in sugar content most after removal from cold storage? [P]
Determine which type of lettuce carries more bacteria, hand washed or pre-bagged [E]
Effect of Storage Temperature on the Deterioration of Hop Oil [P]
Is it possible to separate fly-damaged olives from good olives by density differences [E]
Determine the effects of honey on extending the shelf life and preserving fruits and vegetables. [E]
Determine if dehydrating fruits inhibits spoilage rate. [E]
Investigate which cereal stays crispy longer. [E]
Test if people can tell the difference between a soy based food product and an animal based food product. [E]
Does controlled atmosphere storage affect the malic acid and starch levels in apples? [E] [P]
Which type of vegetables, fresh, frozen, or canned, produce the most gas? [E]
How much iron is found in different types of cereals? [E]
The effect of temperature and air exposure on the ascorbic acid content of orange juice [P]
What is the relationship between the amount of reducing sugars and the absorbance at 730 nm in fruit juices? [P]
Determine the sugar composition of various brand name apple juices [P]
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Biochemical Analysis of Mechanisms of Cold Tolerance in Citrus [E]
Comparing Ascorbic Acid Concentrations in Different Types of Orange Juice [E]
How does temperature affect how long it takes Chinese cabbage to ferment into kimchee reaching a pH of 3.5? [E]
Compare the effect of acidic fruit juices on apple slices to determine which juice will be the most effective in preventing oxidation (browning). [E]
Microbe Levels in Almonds [E]
The Effect of Various Antioxidants on Apple Browning [P]
Iron content in fruits and vegetables [E]
Are Vegetables Stealing Zinc from Your Diet? [E]
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