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The Algebra and Geometry of Quasicategories [E]
Define unknown mathematical operators [E]
Determine if there is a mathematical solution for the card trick known as The 11th Variation [E]
Investigates the root mean square expectation of the winding number. [E] [E]
Preserving Algebraic Structures on Exact Quasicategories with the K-Theory Functor [E]
What is the effect of putting different variable values in the fractal "Mandel's" equation? [E] [P] [P]
Is Mathematics Discovered or Invented? [E]


Tetrahedral Shoelace Algorithm: Calculating Volume of Irregular Solids [P]
Research the Leibniz and Newton calculus controversy [E]
The Solution of the Dirichlet Problem with Rational Boundary Data [E] [E]
Find out which shape of a fixed perimeter encloses the largest area. [E]
Find out if the trapezoidal approximation or the midpoint approximation gives a more accurate result for the area under the curve. [E] [E]
Is Mathematics Discovered or Invented? [E]
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