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Use a model to investigate how a person's genetics affect their chances of getting an autoimmune disease. [E]
Can Plants Be Genetically Resistant to Heavy Metals? [E]
Find out how big the genomes of different organisms are and determine which organisms have the largest and smallest genomes. [E]
Research inheritance by comparing student's facial features with the facial features of their parents. [E]
Trace Your Ancient Ancestry Through DNA [E]
Use an online bioinformatics database to find out which animals currently have genome projects, which projects are complete, and which projects are still in progress. [E]
Research genetics and genetic engineering [E] [E] [P]
Will DNA Survive Separated From Other Cell Components? [P]
The Study of Fruit Fly Genetics at City High School [E]
Can Plants Be Genetically Resistant to Heavy Metals? [E]
Use DNA Sequencing to Trace the Blue Whale's Evolutionary Tree [E]
Male Pattern Baldness: The Hair Growth Cycle and Genetic Mutations [E] [E]
Verify Gregor Mendelís theory - The Pea plant experiment [E] [P]
Analysis of Low Temperature Regulated Genes in Wheat [P]
Telomere science project - Is there a correlation between telomere length and aging? [E]
How dominant traits, recessive traits, genotypes, and phenotypes help produce variation in a population [E]

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Gregor Mendel - Pea Plant Experiment

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