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Build a Solar-Tracking Robot [E]
Microbial fuel cells: food waste as a sugar source [P]
Increasing the Useful Lifetime of Solar Panels [E]
It is possible that by using natural nitrogen depletion a significant increase in algae�s lipid per cell content will result in order to lower the cost of creating biofuel from algae. [P] [P]
Build and demonstrate a homemade fuel cell. [E] [E] [E]
Demonstrae The Energy Stored Inside A Peanut [E]
What temperature, humidity level and wind speed are the best for drying clothes? [P] [P]
Determine if all kinds of food waste produce the same amount of methane. [P] [P]
Determine if the energy in a biofuel is equivalent to the energy in the same amount of nonrenewable fuel. [E]
Find out whether micro-algae can produce bio-oil which can be turned into bio-diesel. [P] [P]
Blade Variable (number of blades, length, size and area of the blades, degree of pitch) Effects on Windmill Efficiency? [E] [P] [P] [P] [P]
Construct and explain the operation of a solar cooker. [E]
From trash to gas: Compare the amount of biogas that is produced from different types of biomass. [E]
Sushi Power: Making Solar Cells from Seaweed and Squid Ink [E]
Which method of creating cellulosic ethanol through mature lignocellulosic material would be the most effective and feasible in terms of timeline, cost, and procedure? [P] [P]
Which will give more heat energy: green or dry wood? [E]
Learn How to Disinfect Contaminated Water With the Sun [E]
Investigate how adding urine to a microbial fuel cell changes its power output. [E]
Water turbine gear ratio that delivers the optimum efficiency [P]

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