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    Self-Hypnosis and Autosuggestion
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    Self-Hypnosis and Autosuggestion Resources


      Autosuggestion is a psychological mental process by which repetitive ideas, words or thoughts arising from inside oneself, are used to change behavior or physical condition. Autosuggestion is a form of self-hypnosis.

      Background Information

    • The Art of Autosuggestion [View Resource]
    • Auto-Suggestion: The Third Step toward Riches [View Resource]
    • Self-hypnosis - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • Hypnosis in Medicine [View Experiment]

      Advanced High School and College Experimnet, Resources, Studies and Articles

    • Self Mastery Autosuggestion [View Experiment]
    • Quitting smoking is a phenomenon of autosuggestion [View Experiment]
    • Autosuggestibility in Memory Development [View Experiment]
    • Lucid dreaming: directing the action as it happens [View Experiment]
    • Suggestion and Auto-Suggestion [View Experiment]
    • The Practice of Autosuggestion [View Experiment]
    • Competitive Sport Shooting - Practical Sport Psychology [View Experiment]
    • Hypnotism and self-hypnosis [View Experiment]
    • A Brief Introduction to Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) [View Experiment]
    • Advanced Hypnosis: An Introduction for Newbies [View Experiment]
    • The Effects of Encoding in Hypnosis and Post-Hypnotic Suggestion on Academic Performance [View Experiment]
    • Rapid Self-Hypnosis: A New Self-Hypnosis Method and Its Comparison with the Hypnotic Induction Profile (HIP) [View Experiment]
    • Effects of Hypnotic, Placebo, and Salicylic Acid Treaments on Wart Regression [View Experiment]
    • Suggestion overrides the Stroop effect in highly hypnotizable individuals [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Examining the Roles of Acceptance, Suppression and Other Therapeutic Strategies in Anxiety and Relaxation [View Thesis]
    • Can happiness be taught? The effects on subjective wellbeing of attending a course in positive psychology that includes the practice of multiple interventions. [View Thesis]
    • Mesmerism: a study of its ideas, their origins, and their effect on today's modern therapies [View Thesis]

      See also

    • Hypnosis [View Experiment]
    • Suggestibility [View Experiment]

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