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    Suggestibility Experiments and Studies


      Suggestibility, in general, is the inclination of a person to accept and act accordingly to the suggestions of others or to be influenced by others. For example, memories implanted by others.

      Suggestibility, regarding hypnosis, is the ability to get hypnotized by others. A highly suggestible person undergoes hypnosis easily while a person of lower suggestibility would be more resistant to undergo hypnosis.

      Background Information

    • Suggestibility [View Resource]
    • Suggestibility and Hypnosis [View Resource]
    • Hypnotic susceptibility [View Resource]
    • The Suggestibility of Children: Evaluation by Social Scientists [View Resource]

      K-12 Experiments and Tests

    • Suggestability Questionnaire [View Experiment]
    • How to use Suggestibility Tests for better results [View Experiment]
    • Covert Hypnosis Suggestibility Test (Smile Technique) (Video) [View Experiment]
    • Hand Clasp Hypnosis Suggestibility Test [View Experiment]
    • Pendulum Swing Hypnosis Suggestibility Test [View Experiment]

      College Experiments, Studies and Articles

    • The Suggestibility of the Child Witness: The Role of Individual Differences and Their Assessment [View Experiment]
    • The suggestibility of children’s memory [View Experiment]
    • Memory for Childhood Events: How Suggestibie ls It? [View Experiment]
    • The Dark Side of Testing Memory: Repeated Retrieval Can Enhance Eyewitness Suggestibility [View Experiment]
    • Before Misinformation is Encountered: Source Monitoring Decreases Child Witness Suggestibility [View Experiment]
    • Misinformation Effects and the Suggestibility of Eyewitness Memory [View Experiment]
    • Misinformation Effects and the Suggestibility of Eyewitness Memory [View Experiment]
    • The Ontogeny and Durability of True and False Memories: A Fuzzy Trace Account [View Experiment]
    • Field dependence, suggestibility and belief in paranormal phenomena [View Experiment]
    • Modification of suggestibility [View Experiment]
    • Child suggestibility in the Namibian justice system [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Suggestibility to false memories: contributing and attenuating factors [View Thesis]
    • The effect of emotion on witness suggestibility [View Thesis]
    • Gender, Suggestibility, and Self-Reported Likelihood of False Confessions [View Thesis]
    • False recall serial position effects [View Thesis]
    • A cross-cultural investigation in suggestibility and creative imagination in young adults [View Thesis]

      See also

    • Hypnosis [View Experiment]
    • Self-Hypnosis and Autosuggestion [View Experiment]

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