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Middle School - Grades 7-9
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Can Plants Be Genetically Resistant to Heavy Metals? [E]
The Genetic Diversity of Common Bean Blight Isolates from Different Geographical Areas [P] [P]
Assessment of Genetic and Pathogenic Variation among Ascochyta rabiei (a chickpea disease). [P] [P]
Research genetics and genetic engineering [E] [E]
Investigate whether the shape of radishes is determined entirely by genetics or if it can be influenced by factors in the environment. [E] [E]
Verify Gregor Mendelís theory [E] [P]
A molecular, chemical and genetic assessment on the diversity of 16 faba bean lines. [P] [P]
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High School - Grades 10-12
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Assessing the Mutagenicities of Common Herbicides Using a Novel Reverse Mutation Assay [E]
Molecular Characterization of Wild Beet in the Imperial Valley's Commercial Sugar Beet Fields [E]
Evaluating Peronospora Presence in Salinas Valley & Analyzing DNA Similarity in Downy Mildew Pathogens Affecting Spinach [E]
Isolation of Kinase Mutant Genes Governing Stress Response of Candida albicans (a form of yeast) [E]
Investigate Native Plant Evolution with Chloroplast Sequencing [E]
Regional allozyme divergence in Sugar Gum (Eucalyptus cladocalyx) [E]
Explore the capacity of the chi-square test in determining the genotypes of an organism (American corn) whose genotypic properties are established. [E]
Identifying the genes responsible for Candida albicans resistance to antimicrobial peptides. [E]
Analysis of Low Temperature Regulated Genes in Wheat [E] [P]
Repeat Gregor Mendelís Pea plant experiment [E]
A global picture of differentially expressed transcripts in winter and spring wheat during cold acclimation [E] [P]
The case of genetic improvement and erosion in Canadian spring wheat 1841-1998 [E] [P]
A taxonomic reassessment of the orders ectocarpales and scytosiphonales based on ribosomal small subunit DNA sequences [E]
Human Genetics Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Animal Genetics Science Fair Projects & Experiments

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