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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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Which Airline Has The Lowest Rate On A Round Trip Ticket? [E]
Find out how accurate people are at measuring things that are small, medium or large. [E]
Measure the dimensions of different juice box products to find out which manufacturer has the largest volume of juice and uses the least amount of packaging material. [E]
Determine which credit card would charge the least amount of interest with regard to the percantage of the balance paid. [E] [E]
Conclude which is more economical to buy or to rent houses or apartments for different incomes. [E]
How does travel time vary between different segments of a route? [E]
Weight and number of raisins per ounce in a box of cereal [E]
Determine whether the formula used by the Bowl Championship Series (BCS), college football ranking system, placed the most qualified teams in the National Championship game in 2003 and 2004. [E] [E]
Middle / High School - Grades 7-12
P=Project   E=Experiment

Economics & Money

Research the Gaussian Copula Function and its application for financial markets (Wall Street) and try to improve it. [E]
How Fractals Can Explain What's Wrong with Wall Street [E]
How swarms of agents can react to rogue agents that are interfering the economic system? [E]
Determine, using analysis of survey data that, how people manage their money [E]
A Generalized Equation to Determine a Stock's Optimal Trailing Stop Loss using Linear Regression [E] [E]
An Algorithm for Predicting Future Stock Market Fluctuations by Volatility and Arccosine Analysis [E]
Investigate the relationship of the Golden Ratio / Phi Ratio (1.618:1) to price movements in the stock market. [E] [E]
A Proven Mathematical System for Predicting Future Stock Market Fluctuations [E] [E]
Juxtapositional analysis of money flow vs. momentum indicator [E] [E]
The Effect of Nominal Interest Rates, Real Interest Rates, and Trade Balance on the Exchange Rate of the US Dollar [E] [E]


How Math Helped Me Become an All-American Athlete [E]
Use algebra and geometry to calculate the relative probability of making a successful bank shot from different positions on the court, keeping the distance to the hoop constant. Then test if you can reproduce your predictions with a scale model. [E]
What Makes a Team's Winning Percentage Deviate from the Pythagorean Relationship? [E]
Statistically analyze the best picks for a playoff hockey pool. [P] [P]
How differing field areas affect baseball offensive statistics [E]
Is There a Correlation between Height and Stride Length? [E]
Use correlation analysis to determine which team batting statistic is the best predictor of a baseball team's run-scoring ability. [E]
Determine if baseball players and/or teams are "streaky" or if their ups and downs can be explained simply by random luck. [E]
Determine how the dimensions of a baseball stadium affect batting statistics. [E]
Determine why baseball teams win more or fewer games than they are expected by the Pythagorean expectation [E] [E]
Compare the distance a golf ball could be launched compared to the distance predicted by a mathematical equation. [E]

Traffic Problems

Determine if the network of major roads on the Monterey Peninsula is subject to single point failure. [E]
Evaluation of a vector formed by a car's odometer and a digital compass compared to GPS locations (longitude and latitude) of a start to finish point. [E]
Statistical Analysis of the Traveling Salesman Problem [E]
Intelligent Intersections in Various Vehicle Traffic Networks and the Resulting Changes in Network Efficiency [E] [E]
Determine what kind of street configuration will best remedy traffic problems in dense cities by comparing one-way and two-way street systems. [E]
Is the Shortest Path Always the Fastest Path between Two Points? [E]

Codes & Encryption

Efficient Characteristic 3 Galois Field Operations for Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Applications [P]
Explore the history of encryption, current methods, as well as the future of advanced codes [E] [P]
Predict the ability of brute force password decryptors to decode passwords, then compare the predicted decoding times with experimental results. [E]
Differential Cryptanalysis of MD5 [E] [E] [E]
Cracking the Vigenere Cipher [E] [E]
The Nimber-Simplex Graph as a Model to Compare LDPC and Turbo Codes [E] [E] [E]
Assessing the Performance of the Viterbi Decoding Algorithm Using Convolutionally Encoded L2C GPS Data [E] [E] [E] [E]
From the Nimber-Simplex Graph to Codes, Lattices, and Groups [E]
Determine if a relatively effective encryption algorithm could be developed without the use of random numbers. [E]

Mathematics & Music

The use of foundational algorithms making it easier to analyze and transcribe music [P]
Acoustic Music Similarity Analysis [E] [E]
Discover if a mathematical pattern can be derived from the repetitive patterns in Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. [E]
The question of determinism vs. indeterminism in the examination of aleatory music [E]
It is known that musical notes can be created by sticking a glass of water filled to various heights. Is it possible to mathematically calculate a musical note based upon the geometrics of a glass? [E]


A novel mathematical approach to predict the spread of a wildfire [P]
An Autopicking Algorithm for the Detection of Seismic Event Arrivals by Using a Neural Network [E]
The Utilization of Empirical Math Modeling in a Predator-Prey Relationship [E]
Find mathematical relationships in nature. (1) in the number of flower petals and vegetable leaves, (2) in the leaf arrangement in plants, (3) in the number of spirals in plants, and (4) in shell shapes. [E]
Study of mathematical patterns of earthquakes [E]
The effects of color on the brain's ability to complete mathematical and logical problems. [P]
RNA Alignment Scoring Based on Covariance [E]
Tracking down Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus using a SIS model [E]
Is Mathematics Discovered or Invented? [E]


An inexpensive alternative to GPS implementing a webcam and an algorithmic tracking loop [P]
Study accuracy of calculators. [E]
Minimal Embedding Dimensions of Rectangle k-Visibility Graphs [E]
See if all manufactured CDs have the exact same area and perimeter [E]
Determine the optimal arrangement of cell phone transmission towers to generate the best service coverage and the most profit using a mathematical model. [E]
The optimal location for a gas-powered electrical power plant [E]
Demonstrate that If the number of detection zones can be larger than the number of sensors, then there is a mathematical algorithm to calculate the maximum number of detection zones given a number of sensors. [E]
Practical Use of Nyquist Sampling Theorem in Image Reduction [E] [E]


A mathematical model of covid lockdown effectiveness [P]
Design and Mechanical Analysis of a Promising Hip Prosthesis Using Quaternions [E]
Identification of Pathogen and Anti-Ebola Drug Targets Using Bayes' Theorem and Information Entropy [E]
Stochastic Monte Carlo Simulations to Determine Breast Cancer Metastasis Rates from Patient Survival Data [P] [P]
Electromechanical Modeling of the Heart in Moving Domains Using the Phase-Field Method [E]
Transportation Networks and the Propagation of Novel H1N1 Swine Flu-like Epidemics [E]
Games & Game Theory

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