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Primary School - Grades K-3
P=Project   E=Experiment
Compare air oxygen content in the forest to that in the city [P] [P]
Detect tiny particles floating in the air. [E] [E]
Car & Vehicle Pollution Science Fair Projects & Experiments
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What is Air Pollution?
Elementary School - Grades 4-6
P=Project   E=Experiment
Analyze the various items in weather reports and see if you can determine what factors contribute to high pollution days. [E]
Does indoor or outdoor air have more particles? [E]
Survey what students know and feel about air pollution. [E]
Car & Vehicle Pollution Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Ozone Science Fair Projects & Experiments
What is Air Pollution?

Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
Carbon Dioxide Remover from the Air [P]
Respiratory Impacts of Ultrafine Particulate in Preschools and Daycare Centers throughout Los Angeles County [E]
Particulate Matter Emission from Air Fresheners: A Quantitative Study [E]
Does indoor or outdoor air have more particulate pollution? [E]
Which brand of furnace filter is most effective at straining particles from air? [P]
Geographic Distribution of Wind-Borne Particulates [E]
Effectiveness of Furnace Air Filters [P]
Which location in town has the most pollution? [P]
The Effects of Air Pollution on Mosquito Larvae [E]
If air pollution is measured in four different locations: a busy highway, a mountain home, a public school, and a park, then the greatest amount of pollution will be found at the busy highway, then the school, then the park, and then the least at the mountain home. [E]
Collect data on levels of particulate air pollution, and to analyze them by distance from various traffic and industrial sources in order to draw conclusions about their causes. [E]
See how different floor coverings (carpets) affect the amount of particulates in the air. [E]
Find how bad the air quality is for the cities: Orange, Anaheim Hills, Anaheim, Fullerton, Villa Park. Find the average for each city and compare it against the national average.Find if air quality changes from day to day. [E]
Impact of Air Quality on Adolescent Children's FEV1 Values [E]
Discover if houses that are situated along the airport flight path are more susceptible to air pollution than those houses outside the flight path. [E]
Find out if lung capacities of middle school children have been compromised by air pollution in their residential area (FEV1 values). [E]
How Does Cigarette Smoke Affect Crickets' chirping? [E]
Biomonitoring using Lichens as Bioindicators for Air Pollution [E]
Spray Patterns of Water and Oil Based Substances to Simulate Pesticide Movement in Still and Windy Environments [E]
Determine what material, when commonly burned, gives off the most black carbon particulates [E] [P]
Car & Vehicle Pollution Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Ozone Science Fair Projects & Experiments
What is Air Pollution?

High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Cleaning the world with sunscreen and pencils! [P] [P]
Nasal Responses of Exposure to Ultrafine Iron Soot Particles in Mice [E]
Analysis of Magnesium Oxide Aerogel Air Filtration and Various Ways to Increase Its Efficiency [E]
Determine how carbon dioxide pollution affects the heart, specifically exercise heart rates, resting heart rates, and blood pressure. [E]
Examining the Effects of Organic Chemicals Present in Vehicle Exhaust on Wound Healing [E]
Dusty Problem Misty Solution: The Design and Testing of a PM-10 (Particulate Matter) Suppressant [E]
Effects of Atmospheric CO(2) on the Nitrogen Production Capabilities of Trichodesmium [E]
Effect of air Pollution on Chlorophyll Content and Lichen Morphology [E]
Compare the amounts of Carbon Dioxide in four common gas sources (human exhalation, ambient air, pure carbon dioxide, and automobile exhaust). [E]
The effect of wildfire ash on the environment [E]
Car & Vehicle Pollution Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Ozone Science Fair Projects & Experiments
What is Air Pollution?
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