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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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How Do Various Concentrations of Chlorine Affect the Survival Rate of Daphnia? [P]
The Effect of Oil, Weed Killers and Salt on the Survival Rate of Daphnia [P]
The Effect of Bleach on the Survival Rate of Daphnia [P]
Determine the effect of acid rain exposure time and pH levels on daphnia. [P]
The Effect of Various Pollutants on the Survival Rate of Daphnia [P] [P]
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
Can Light Control Heart Rate of Daphnia magna? [E]
Investigate the effects of different nanosilver concentrations on the aquatic organism Daphnia magna. [E]
The Effects of Artificial Sweeteners on Daphnia magna [E]
The Effect of Herbicide on Daphnia pulex [P]
Using Daphnia to Monitor Water Toxicity [E]
Test whether Daphnia could be used as a reliable bioassay to measure the health of aquatic ecosystems (levels of pyrethroid-based pesticides). [E]
The Effect of Artificial Light on the Migration Pattern of Daphnia [E]
Determine if sediment from parking lots contain compounds that are harmful for aquatic organisms. [E]
The Effect of Various Pollutants on the Survival Rate of Daphnia [P] [P] [P]
The Effect of Different OTC Medications on the Survival Rate of Daphnia [P]
Does Fluoride Affect the Survival Rate of Daphnia? [P]
The Effect of Various Types of Antifreeze on the Survival Rate of Daphnia pulex [P]
The effect of salinity on the survival rate of daphnia [P]
Effects of Perchlorate and Turmeric on Daphnia Heart Rate [E]
Which environmental pollutant - motor oil, used transmission fluid, used antifreeze - has the most effect on aquatic plants and animals (elodea and daphnia)? [E] [E]
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Toxicity of Carbon Nanotubes in Daphnia magna [P] [P]
How Byproducts Produced by Removal of Oxybenzone by Phytoremediation & Laccase/ABTS Beads Affect Morality of D. magna [E]
The effect that methyl iodide would have on two types of fresh water crustaceans, Daphnia and Amphipods. [E]
How Does Water Treated with NaF Affect the Development of the Invertebrates Artemia, Daphnia, Paramecium, and Planaria? [E]
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