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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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Test the effects of the heavy metal copper (Cu) on an aquatic environment containing algae, worms, fish, and plants. [E]
The effects of liquid fertilizer on an aquatic environment containing small aquatic animals and plants. [E]
The effects of Wireless Devices on Plant Growth [P]
What is the effect of ozone on plant growth. [P]
The Effect of Acid Rain on Marigold Plants [E]
Acid Rain
Bioremediation / Phytoremediation
Irrigation Water Pollution
Soil Pollution
Water Pollution Impact on Aquatic Life
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
See if coco coir, an eco-friendly, sustainable growing medium, can be used as a substitute for non-sustainable growing mediums. [E]
Effect of Various Pollutants on the Aquatic Plant, Egeria densa (Large-flowered Waterweed) [E]
The Effects of Runoff Pollutants on Various Aquatic Plants [E]
Try to reduce the amount of phosphate and nitrate in water in order to reduce the amount of blue green algae blooms. [E]
Discover the effect of different types of reclaimed water on the growth of grass. [E] [E] [E]
How does the growth of plants in a natural sewage treatment system affect how well it absorbs phosphates and nitrates? [P] [P]
Make your own paper, test it, and rate its quality, using either recycled paper or plant fibers as the source material. [E]
Used coffee grinds can be recycled, add value to improve plant growth and help the environment. [E]
Recycling Greywater: Can Plants Tolerate It? [E]
The effects of microwaved water on plants [P]

The Photochemical Formation of Ozone at Ground Level and Its Effects on Some Plants [E]
The Effect of Carbon Dioxide and Ozone Enrichment on the Growth Behavior of Bush Bean Plants [E]
How do oil spills affect plant growth? [P]
Which environmental pollutant - motor oil, used transmission fluid, used antifreeze - has the most effect on aquatic plants and animals (elodea and daphnia)? [E] [E]
Find out if plants affect the temperature in a sealed box. [E]
Does precipitation in your area contain acidic emissions from power plants, industries or vehicle emissions? Does the acidity of the precipitation change during the year? [E]
Find out how extra carbon dioxide affects growing locoweed (Astragalus laynae). [E]
Acid Rain
Bioremediation / Phytoremediation
Irrigation Water Pollution
Soil Pollution
Water Pollution Impact on Aquatic Life
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Increasing global UV levels may stimulate allelochemical production in Helianthus annuus (sunflower) and the leachates could be used as natural herbicides against plants susceptible to allelopathic effects. [P] [P]
Show that early crop health assessment can help farmers maximize harvest yield and minimize fertilizer and pesticide application. [P]
The effects of aquatic plants on algae growth, pH, nitrite, and phosphate levels [E]
Effect of air Pollution on Chlorophyll Content and Lichen Morphology [E]
The effects of filtering and screening processes standard in sewage disinfection plants, and the best disinfecting agents used in treating the water. [E]
The Effects of Recycled Water on the Growth and Germination of Different Plants [E]
Determine the percent increase of solar radiation absorbed by the earth's surface when man alters: a coniferous forest into a grassland; a grassland into urban asphalt; a coniferous forest into urban asphalt. [E]
Using plants to recycle fish ammonia [E]
Determine whether or not recycled (reclaimed) water would harm California native plant species. [E]
Explored the effects of increased intensities of UV radiation on two primary groups of chromophores in a plant. [E]

Investigate Gamma Radiation Effects on Plant Growth [E]
The Effects of Oil Spills on Underwater Plant Life [E]
How do increased CO2 levels affect plant growth? [E] [E]
Impact of Elevated CO(2) Atmosphere on Germination of Jasper Ridge Plants [E] [E]
Compare the effects of air pollution given off from a small sized car, a mini-SUV, and a large SUV on freeways plants. [E]
Acid Rain
Bioremediation / Phytoremediation
Irrigation Water Pollution
Soil Pollution
Water Pollution Impact on Aquatic Life
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